Immortality is blurred by our perfect ideals.  Not sure if I'd rather rest in the reminiscence of others recollecting my respectful renaissance, or be forever reincarnating day by day...never a need for remembrance, cuz' I never relieved my position in existence. 

Industry Studies: Stereotypes & Popular Racism

You'll get hit with the five visit rule real quick; from the moment you begin to annoy me, I give you five more visits with minimal interaction.  Assume two of those have to do with paying you out.  So, be careful what you use the other three for.  Just get the chicken...

Industry Studies: "Garçon?"

What is in a word?  Literal meanings.  Cultural backgrounds.  Media narratives.  Juxtaposed insecurities.  Ignorant assumptions.  Wild possibilities for ingenuity.  What else could you demand?

An Ouroboros Society: Ripples and Restrooms

You would think that our favorite past time in this country was the gluttonous devouring of character, autonomy and culture.  Like yeast left alone for too long; allowed to feast on all things sweet and tempting while leaving its very own byproducts. Co2, and alcohol.  The key difference though, between us and yeast, is that yeast doesn't consume itself.  In America, we eat our own.  Viciously, at that - and the byproduct?  A constant cycle of one bold step forward, and two sloppy shuffles back.  One is a popularly used American past time, and the other gets you fucked up.