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If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name.
— Kendrick Lamar
NBA Finals 2017: Game 1 Recap & Game 2 Predictions

NBA Finals 2017: Game 1 Recap & Game 2 Predictions

The game sharper than a motherfuckin’ razor blade
Say money brings bitches, bitches bring lies
One nigga’s gettin’ jealous, and motherfuckers die
Depend on me like the first and fifteenth
They might hold me for a second, but these punks won’t get me
All eyes on me
— 2Pac

Dumping a few clips into this one...

Let's start with the ground premise.  The storyline.  The drama.  The juice.  Parity be damned; this finals is the most star-studded of this decade that we've seen since Miami LeBron vs. OKC Durant, and Gasol with his brick-chucking sidekick vs. Boston in 2010.  Think the sidekicks name was synonymous with overpriced Japanese beef.  Sorry, memory fails me. 

The storylines are palpitating...

Curry?  Needs to prove that his game isn't just regular season matinee.  Sans this season, he was the back to back regular season MVP prior.  Zero FMVP's in the process.  Not that great of a stat-line for either series, in addition.  Plus, while Durant's game is capable of being paired with Curry's....who's the real Slim Shady?  Please stand up.  You were already outshined by Iguodala once.  In game 1, Durant clearly opened up a healthy lead and drew defensive attention allowing Curry to get hot.  I will say this though...if Curry remains Dylon status, spitting hot fiyah?  Good luck Cavs.

Durant?  He's been the butt of jokes after donning the nickname "The Servant," prior to losing to LeBron in 2012.  Living in the shadow of King James has been haunting him for a hot minute - enough to move from OKC to the Bay Area in an effort to form a super team capable of tackling GM LeBron's prowess.  Predicted that he'd come out with a statement game after all the hate this year - and he did just that.  Height, speed & length aside, he's generally not capable of being guarded with his quick first step and elite inside-outside game.  He didn't even have to shoot at a decent clip in game 1.  Because of the lack of urgency and miscommunication from the Cavs, Durant feasted in wide open layups and dunks.  Brodie was also never double-teamed.  He opened up the lead that allowed Curry the confidence to go off.  The real question is how will the Cavs respond to the film, and can Durant keep up his confidence.  Last season, he didn't versus Golden State...despite being up 3-1...

Draymond?  Love this dudes game.  Places his foot in his mouth too often though.  Expect not his game to impact the series as much as his comments do when he finally fuels up Cleveland.  Listen to some Kendrick and remain humble.

Klay?  Wait, did he suit up for game 1?  Oh...ok.  Yeah.  Odd man out when it comes to offense.  There's only one ball on the court and unless he gets hot, he won't be a factor in this series.

And Cleveland?

LeBron James is coming off a career defining season.  One that not only catapulted himself into all time Ohio stardom, but into G.O.A.T. contention.  Had a rough past All-Star break record, but rebounded exceptionally well in the playoffs.  Dominated even, just a game short of the sweep that Golden State had.  Ultimately, LeBron has to be on the aggressive in this series.  Needs to dominate.  Needs to encapsulate everything about his game that haters detract from - essentially, his offense game and his ability to take over.  I'm fully expecting his game 2 to be ultra-aggressive.  He looked to drive and dish in game 1, hence while I think he missed so many layups.  LeBron is very regimented and calculated in his game plan.  He ultimately wants to get teammates involved, because he knows it takes a team to win.  When that doesn't flow...he doesn't typically change game plan.  If he did, that would let his teammates know that he's given up on them.  This dude has Popovich mentality in his later years.  He's willing to navigate losses.  The LeBron formula is ever changing...

Kyrie?  Proved himself in the previous finals.  Most likely woulda' been the game changer in the first finals match up had he been healthy.  Kyrie getting hot is essential to this series.  He has utmost confidence in his shots as evident by the ones he's taken throughout previous series.  He's trying to cement himself as a superstar in this league....and has a knack for making Curry take a seat.  Fuck it, mask off...

Love?  Not talking about the emotion.  Kevin has been arguably the second best player in this Cavalier's run.  He's been withdrawing from the bank shot, drilling threes, and banging down low with Double T for rebounds.  Everything you could possibly love from his game.  He's healthy, and finding his space.  This is the first time he has composed himself as a premier player in the playoffs.  The main question surrounding Love, is how he can compose his game against Golden State.  Draymond offers similar shit at a low-budget level, while being essentially untouchable against Love's defense at that position.  Look for LeBron to consistently be passing off to Love to get him hot.

Double T & Role players?  One part hustle, and the rest James' system.  Gang - gang.  Tristan Thompson needs to dominate against his competition in his own game.  He's being paid to be huge off the offensive boards and as a finisher off drives.  Richard Jefferson is pure hustle at this point in his career.  He'll win one of the games this series.  J.J. won't play minus other than in a blowout.  Frye will get hot from three and play twenty minutes should all things go according to plan.  Expect Korver to remain hot for the rest of the series while not being the focal point as a back up.  The thing is, LeBron's backups are there to play into the LeBron system.  Essentially, they are there to either grab rebounds, or hit treys.  Expect that shit to play out in game 2....

You don't want no war nigga, oh no... - Future

Straight up?  Durant came out with one part home court advantage, two parts superior swag, and a third part home court drive.  That broke it open for Curry to remain loose and fluid.  Home court means a lot in a series where both cities are of that loud.  It's not like we're scraping for ticket holders in the ATL, or snowbird PHX lizards.  Runs will dictate this series, but so will hometown hype.

Main problem for the Cavaliers in game 1 was their turnovers.  What were these turnovers indicative of?  A lack of respect and planning for the enemy, along with a shit scheme.  LeBron tends to try to get his teammates involved early on into a series - which, is not a bad thing as a well oiled machine tends to perform.  Unfortunately, he came off sloppy and lackadaisical.  Look for James & Kyrie to fucking go off in hero mode next game, allowing the role-players to seek out their niche markets.  Look for that Bron --> Wade connect sans former years, with Kyrie being the finisher.  But how will that fare against a revitalized K.D. and in the groove Curry?  They're looking like the supreme juggernauts right now, honestly.  The second problem?  Cleveland wasn't making the extra pass.  The Warriors were.  That's what gave them so many open looks early on, before Durant took over.  LeBron had trust in his teammates...can't say that they had trust in themselves.

I know, I know...GSW dominated.  Well, Cleveland didn't do so well in game 1 of the previous series.  In fact, they lost because of GSW role players stepping up.  Playoffs are unpredictable...but, we're talking finals here.  Saw how the previous series transpired into record breaking moments while being down 3-1...I just expect this series to go to seven games, and for there to be numerous shifts in momentum.

Game 2?  Confidence will be broken when Kyrie and LeBron both go off in superior fashion, and the Cleveland role players mob lock in on defense.  Expect K.D. to be double teamed to eliminate those early drives.  Klay will start to chuck up shots so that he doesn't look like the fourth-fiddle that he now is.  If he hits those shots, then Cleveland is in trouble.  But expect one of Cleveland's sharp-shooters to get hot and keep the playing field even.  I'm waiting for an angry, Game six vs. Boston in 2012 LeBron've been warned, mode.  Not to be taken lightly, mode. 

I'll get into this more as these finals transpire...but a lack of parity in the NBA is a direct response not to just the amount of funds capable of being allocated by each team after the new T.V. deals, but also to the level of competition created artificially.  It's not happenstance that teams are looking to ramp up rosters in order to compete in the LeBron era.  Keep in mind that LeBron remained in a turn-table roster wise when it came to Cleveland, before jumping ship to Miami to team up with other superstars.  Keep in mind that decision may have never transpired had it not been for the modern-day super team of the 08 the end of the day, I'm not saying that LeBron led to this modern day battle of the Spacejam Monstars....

...but this is all a definite response to his dominance of a decision when it came to Miami, which was ultimately a response to Boston superiority....keep that in mind.  Present day circumstances are regulated by past decisions.  Stay witness...

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