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— Kendrick Lamar
New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I was already checked out.

So here I am, wiping down tables and trying to get out at a semi decent hour.  Marian is breaking down the line.  I just want to get the floor done.  I've already talked to my, what I thought was the last table of the night, for much longer than I cared to.  They were nice people.  Reigned from San Diego.  According to management, the west side of S.D.  This is based off the area code from the number used to call in.  Raise your hand if you give a shit.  Much to our dismay, a couple walks in and proceeds to spark the first post here.

Earl Watson is an interesting cat.  I follow the Phoenix Suns religiously so when I caught wind that he was going to be the interim head coach, I did some back reading on this guy.  My first memory of Earl Watson is playing NBA 2K10 and letting the mother fucker get lay up's upon lay up's on me.  Five years down the line, here he is coaching my team.  And this was suppose to be the year the Suns made it back to the playoffs.  We striked out on Aldridge, but landed Chandler to be the defensive stopper and leader.  Young talent was present via Warren, Goodwin and Len, plus we had just drafted Booker who at the time of this post, is now looking like the face of this franchise.  Kieff hopefully was going to pan out, but who knew.  Bledsoe took a step forward and upped his game while also becoming more vocal and media friendly.  His backcourt mate Knight signed a contract peacefully, bulked up, and looked motivated to prove his worth.  We had Tucker's gritty and motivated ass.  Leuer was a steal in the second round pick trade and I preached that the minute it went down.  Mirza was a legit signing and continues to impress.  Shit, I liked the idea of Sonny Weems replacing Gerald Green.

I believe attitude is a choice. A lot of times, we let life choose our attitude. You have to snap right back, whether it is traumatic or small. There’s always a choice. You have to sway your emotions and choose positive living and find joy. - Earl Watson

And here we are.  March 17th, 2016. 18-49.  Didn't pan out, but that's another story.  So this couple walks in, and of course my initial thought is simply "fuck."  We close in about 22 minutes, and I had just finished cleaning the floor.  I look at the girl and start to explain that we're down to a limited menu, blah-blah-blah, I look at the dude next to her and go, like an idiot, "Oh, shit.  Hey!" It's Earl Watson.  I'm not positive at that exact moment, but I'm pretty sure the dude is Earl Watson.  Of course he already interrupted my moment of stupor and wanted to cut to the chase.  "But you still have tacos?" Yeah, we do.  He got the information he wanted and goes straight to the bar with his girl.  Normally, I'd be happy as shit but...alright straight up, I wanted to give him the red carpet treatment.  I don't even know why.  Wasn't a famous player, and not a famous coach now.  But I fucking love basketball, and here is not just a former player, but the head coach of my team that I follow for a couple hours of every one of my days. 

I can't let this obscure and fleeting moment end here.  I tell my manager who the dude is.  He doesn't give a shit, well, he did.  But only because he thought it was the former coach Jeff Hornecek.  Fine, invoices are more important.  I try to talk about it to my girlfriend, who I'm closing with.  She gives a loving "you're cute."  The bartender doesn't follow basketball and tries to be interested, but I'm the only psychopath in this building that could possibly get so hyped up over this moment.  Well, this bitch isn't stealing my glory.  I know that is Earl fucking Watson.  So before she could greet him at the bar, I ran in the back and grabbed chips and salsa for him and his girl.  If I could have roundhouse kicked her out of the way dropping them off, I would have.  By now, I've been ironing out what exactly I was going to say to him.  Sat the chips down, and went straight into it.

"Here's some chips guys...Earl Watson, right?"
"Congratulations on the win tonight man, let me know if you guys need anything else."

That was it.  That's all I fucking had.  Then again, what was I gonna do.  Talk about his extensive journey-man career that I knew little of, or give him pointers on what needed to be done with the team?  Like I fucking know anything?  This man just wanted some late night tacos with his scantily clad chick.  I refuse to ruin that.  The funny part?  Some assholes to the right of them saw me giving them chips and then wanted chips for themselves.  Who the fuck do you guys think you are.  You ever played in the NBA?  I didn't think so.  Go fuck yourselves, I'm working here.  You're nothing to me.  Eat your fucking tacos.  Ok, I got them chips and smiled, but that's what I was thinking.

I think what Watson has to offer as a coach is what this team needs right now.  We aren't making the playoffs.  We haven't since Nash, and we aren't next year.  We do have young talent though, and they are playing motivated as fuck under Watson.  I like his interactions with the media, and I like his philosophy with the players.  He isn't that far removed from being like them, after all.  He connects with them, it's evident through how they interact with him in videos and in media.  Hell, the last article stated that the players wanted the "Interim" part of his coaching title to be removed. 

If you want to be a Golden State, or a Spurs, you have to develop a culture.  Everyone has to buy in.  This may end up similar to when Mark Jackson was the coach of the Warriors and aided in developing a culture, but wasn't capable of delivering a title.  That is a whole other discussion.  But Booker and Len have both put up excellent numbers under Watson.  If Warren was healthy, I feel like he would be as well.  I think this team, organization, and the community overall could stand to implement a little positive decision making; just as Watson has in his life.  Because like the quote above, life is a series of decisions.  You can't let previous happenings dictate your attitude.  You'd never improve.  Set aside your emotions, learn, and continue to tinker with the drawing board. X's and O's.

Oh yeah, he doesn't tip badly, by the way.

Ebb and Flow - The Suns Regular Season of 2015-2016

Ebb and Flow - The Suns Regular Season of 2015-2016